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From the top

My career spans a handful of tracks-- petroleum exploration geophysicist, marketeer, sales manager, and operations manager, and finally an IT consultant.  Someone asked me why the career diversity but, you know, to me the diversity is surficial.

I have been and will always be an Explorationist. Sometimes that's involved exploring the mysteries of the Earth, other times the action revolved around exploring information, what motivates people, or how to build business practices to gain heightened productivity.

Another thing I have been and will always be is a Change Agent.  In Sparks, I explore topics centered on corporate transformation, especially in the realm of social business.  In Big Cat Chronicle, I discuss personal transformation. 

Sparks blos is for folks who are interested in....ahem...sparking business transformation.

About Sparks

Sparks is a primary avenue for me to share thought leadership on business transformation. 

Look for laser insight into topics centered on collaborative communities and social media, CRM and Social CRM, and social ROI.

I'll also discuss traditional change management topics surrounding strategy, process design, business cases, and valuation.

Big Cat Chronicle is Kathy Herrmann's personal blog and it focused on personal transformation.

Big Cat Chronicle

Big Cat Chronicle is focused on personal transformation, although no doubt some other musings might slip in.  It's personal...I can do that!

One of my core competencies is laser insight, magnifying and exploring the hidden depths of people, including me.  Combine that with the wisdom of experience, often gained after much head banging.  See, some people know from an early age who they are, what they want, and how to be personally effective -- and I wasn't one of them!

So I dug in to awaken the self-knowledge I needed as well as built pathways to be effective, making changes in my attitude and life as needed – and still am seeking and finding. 

I've gained from the helpful insights of others and want to give back and Big Cat Chronicle is a way to do that.

My inspirations come from all sorts of sources – my own experience and observations of others, as well as via esoteric, corporate, historical, psychological, and sociological avenues. 

So there you have it.  Now's let explore.  Voices welcome.

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