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I help companies harness the right combination of people, process, and technology. Hire me...


...if your end goal is to optimize customer relationships and business performance using software solutions grounded in the ways real people relate and do business with each other.

...If you value (or need) ingenuity over conformity.



My background

I've served as software project manager for projects ranging from $5k to $1m in scope. I'm a collaborative leader and assume all the typical PM responsibilities for scope, resourcing, scheduling, and budgeting.

As a business consultant, I've advised clients on the right combination of base software solution and enhancements needed to propel their organizational success. In these roles, I performed needs analysis, defined business requirements and wrote detailed functional spec documents.

I've also had the pleasure of teaming with smarty pants techs to design totally custom solutions.

My clients earned annual revenues that spanned somewhere between $3m - $150m in annual revenues. 

In operational roles, I've re-engineered business processes to gain greater organizational efficiencies, improve performance, and helped companies better manage customers by spearheading CRM solutions.

Here are a few of software solutions I helped design or implement for clients or employers:

  • Personify - association management solutions (base and custom).
  • Kewill - multi-carrier shipping solutions (base and custom).
  • Group Swim - which grew up to become Salesforce Chatter.
  • Web solutions.
  • Petroleum refining inventory system.
  • RV reservation solution.
  • Amazon inventory management solution.
  • Custom solutions.

I'm also a cracker jack data analyst and have devised numerous ROI models for social media and new service offerings.

So...not just your same old same old. 


A final tidbit...

I'm the author of the Simplifying Social Business ebook series, available on Kindle and Nook. The ebook series helps business leaders understand the impact of social business from a change management perspective.

Learn more about my Value Proposition or my approach to leading change.

Hey, don't be shy. My inquiring mind wants to know all about you. And the problem solver in me is just itching to help.

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