Implement a better business

Deploy the solutions your company needs 

Accelerate systems implementation to drive higher revenues and lower costs with help from Kathy Herrmann. She'll manage your project to a successful and timely completion.

My project management strengths ensure technical projects are implemented within approved scope, schedule and budget.

Project Management is a balancing act, coordinating people, schedules and budgets to get the solution implemented.

Unknowns crop up with every project (how we wish it wasn't so but it so is). Savvy PMs plan for risk and devise mitigation plans to get out from behind the 8 ball. And of course, good PMs also manage clients, setting realistic expectations and ensuring clients truly understand the full value they're gaining with the spiffy new software solution and enhancements to an existing system.

Sometimes the work is waterfall and sometimes it's agile, which is always fast-paced and at least a little chaotic.

And that's what I do. 



Here's the short list of project management services I provide:

  • Collaborative leadership.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • Risk management.
  • Resource planning.
  • Scheduling.
  • Quality management.
  • Vendor management, including offshore developers.
  • Client management.
  • Waterfall and agile.
  • Enterprise solutions.


Past projects include:

  • Leading a Help Network team designed to convert multi-channel help to omni-channel. The program centers maximizing on member-value realization. Our initiatives use Knowledge-centered Support (KCS) as the heart of curating quality help content. Our channels of focus are an AI-enhanced help site, community forums, social channels, chat, phone, email, and white mail.

  • Led a $1m project to design Responsive Design .NET controls for a consortium of 4 large YMCA clients (with combined annual revenues of $300+m/yr).  I oversaw a team of 8-14 consultants and developers (including offshore) using agile methodology. I also helped manage change across the 4 clients through a Change Control Board that approved scope expansion of 30% with collapsed schedule of 25% (yikes!). 

  • Spearheaded an accelerated $300k software implementation for an association with $15m in revenues while serving in a dual role of business consultant and project manager. I determined optimum work flow processes and system configuration. Additionally, I led a team of 6 consultants, ensuring project planning/scheduling, resource management, invoice review, client management, and timely system Go Live.

  • CRM implementations for small to mid-sized companies to provide a consistent customer experience while gaining organizational efficiencies.

    Another project implementation was spearheaded for a start-up company needing to create operational efficiencies.

    One project implementation resulted in upgrading the sales reporting process for data capture and reporting.
  • Enhancements to shipping management solution for small to mid-sized companies, integrated into back office systems including accounting. Work performed in gain greater efficiencies in preparation for high-volume seasonal shipping.



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