Go beyond Google Analytics.

It's time to learn not just what customers did but understand why.

Marketing insights provide actionable intelligence that allow creatives to build better marketing strategies and tactics. That translates into higher sales. Woo hoo!

Propel marketing success with focused insights into the results of your marketing activities, gleaned from some combination of marketing, social business, and business results.

Numbers are a turn-off for creative folks so just know what I provide about much more than those ooky things.

My insights will help you design better marketing strategies and tactics. For example, I'll give you the inside skinny on your target audiences (the who and what part) but I can also tell you the invaluable why part driving their behavior.

P.S. And I can also know how to show you that illusive marketing ROI. You know, that thing everyone is talking about wanting but struggling to figure out how to determine.



I specialize in analyzing unstructured social data to understand and identify key target audiences as well as influencers and their characteristics.

Then I take it to the next step with our specialty for data mining it o segment for target-specific messaging

And remember, I'm a marketing ROI specialist, helping companies and agencies understand the business impact of their marketing efforts (as in dollars and sense).


Past projects include:


  • Showed a potential revenue increase of $120k - $130k with a low-end ROI of 900% for a Convention and Visitors Bureau for a mid-sized city if they undertook SEO improvements to their website.
  • Enabled segmented messaging by data mining customer database for mid-sized software company – Utilized SQL queries based on project-specific criteria. Mail merge into customer emails and letters.
  • Analyzed of marketing metric data – To evaluate ongoing success or failure of marketing campaigns.


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