Springboard to the next level of social engagement.

Benchmark your level of social media sophistication

Ramp up your revenues and drive down your costs.

With the prevalence of social media, many businesses have started to incorporate some of the basics by adding a Facebook page or a Twitter handle, but are at a loss to prove how its affecting the bottom-line. Part of that is because they don't realize where they are with respect to a continuum of what they could be doing.

I work with clients to benchmark their “As Is” state of social media initiatives and compare them to “Could Be” via best practices. With this insight, businesses can create world-class social media and digital presences and are more likely to monetize their investments when they accomplish higher levels of capabilities with their social media initiatives.


The Social Maturity Curve shows the level of social media sophistication of companies as they climb from Learn to Listen, Engage, Analysis, and Optimized. KathyHerrmann.com provides the insight you need to make the climb.

Benefits to PR and marketing agencies

Use the assessment tool for business development as well as client retention. Demonstrate the value of your agency’s social services. Gain a pathway to sell additional social services.


Benefits to Brands

Gain actionable insights needed to build executable strategies that will take the brand to the next level of social maturity — and increased engagement with customers and other interested parties.

Gain increased revenues and profitability from social initiatives.


Areas of Assessment

  1. Audience engagement,
  2. Content,
  3. Community interaction,
  4. Campaign execution,
  5. Metrics, and
  6. Organizational support.
The Social Maturity Index measures a company's social sophistication across audience engagement, content, community interaction, campaign execution, metrics, and organizational support. Get in the know with this valuable service from KathyHerrmann.com
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Past projects include:

  • Designed social assessment survey for boutique marketing agency - Adapted survey model to agency-specific requirements. Designed a long version of survey to use for chargeable services and a short version to use for lead generation activities.