Kudos to Squarespace During Hurricane Sandy

There are a lot of reasons why I love using Squarespace to host my website and I blogged about many of the reasons here. Additionally, Hurricane Sandy showed yet another reason.

During and in the aftermath of the hurricane, Squarespace stayed up and running with no loss of service.

Here’s an email from Anthony Casalena, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Squarespace to subscribers, describing the heroic lengths Squarespace staffers went to in order to maintain the host providers services. 

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Why Squarespace is a super blogging platform

A common question that pops up on LinkedIn’s Q&A forum surrounds are requests for recommendations for blogging platforms. The most common answers swirl around WordPress and Typepad. I tend to be the contrarian because I don’t like either platform.  Instead I like, recommend, and use Squarespace.com.

It’s what I used for this site (both in the main site and blog) and for Community Network, the Intellicore Design Consulting blog.

Let me tell you why.

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Speaking of the cumulative power of blogging

Just two weeks ago, I blogged about the real value of B2B blogging and today I want to revisit the topic after seeing an interesting phenomenon in one of my blogs.

It’s one of my personal blogs but it still illustrates a point.  See, in the blog in question (not this one!), I’ve been stacked up this week and failed to post.  Imagine my surprise, though, to pop into my web statistics and discover a great week of visitations anyway.

Here's why...

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The real Value of B2B blogging

Last week, I had a pleasant exploratory chat with a potential blog service partner and they get the point of corporate or B2B blogging – and it’s not the same as B2C or personal blogging.  In the corporate world, using a blog to build community is only one benefit – and in my mind, it’s valuable but not the most important reason to blog.

Let’s talk today about the real value of B2B blogging and the reason behind that value.  From there, we’ll segue into a realistic overview of the time requirements needed to build a successful blog. 

The discussion will help you put your own company’s situation into perspective when considering whether blogging is the right avenue for your company to build community...

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General features and benefits of collaborative community solutions

The other day, I blogged about why the benefits of building a collaborative online community.  Today's let's dig into the features and benefits for the various dimensions of collaborative community solutions.

First, a quick review.  Community solutions are multi-dimensional and most are modular in nature, allowing you to take the ones you want and scale up later if desired.  You can elect to push information out, pull it in or do some combination of the two. 

Common options include: ...

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Welcome to Big Cat Chronicles

Hi and welcome to Big Cat Chronicles.  It's a new look for a blog I resurrected from its dormancy.

The first time 'round, I launched the blog to roar my opinions on a variety of topics.  This time, though, I'll keep a tight reign to subject matter related to marketing, communications, and sales. 

Additionally, I'm particularly interested in finding pathways to energize transformation.

What that means is: ...

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