4 factors leading to collaboration success

Cynthina Heinsohn, my partner, and I collaborate with each other to manage our business and advance our projects. For the latter, we also collaborate with clients to meet their business objectives and with external partners in various capacities.

We’re like everyone else when it comes to collaboration.  Sometimes we hit the mark and others we fall short.  We’ve learned successful collaboration can be encapsulated by a simple formula:

Collaboration = Connection + Communication + Cooperation + Integration

The challenge is finding pathways to collaboration. 

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Buying patterns shaped by how well companies interact with customer

Let’s be real.  Buyers today are just as demanding as those in the past.  What’s different today is they have access to a lot more information about companies and their products from a variety of sources.  That information empowers buyers and stimulates them to be much more forthright with their demands in partnering with the companies they buy from.

We hear a lot today about social media and it’s for good reason. Participation in social media channels is exploding.  That said, though, buyers still turn to corporate websites for information.

Makes it easy for your prospects and customers to find the information they need.  Let’s talk about how website information architecture can help you do just that.

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Intellicore Design offers Enterprise Information Architecture & Development services

We’ve long said it.  Intellicore Design Consultants are business strategists first and foremost with an IT specialization.

We decided to create better alignment between our one of our key market differentiators and our service offerings.  That’s why we’re pleased to offer an array of strategic services focused on Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA).

Additionally, another unsung strength of ours – until now – is our conceptual software development capabilities.  In revamping our service offerings, we’ve added Conceptual Software Development to the slate.

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