Unleash the Creative Power of Your Call Center

Ask most people what they think of their experience with the call center and the common answer will be "frustration." First they’re forced to wade through an automated system that impedes their ability to connect with a real person. And when customers do get to a real person, the customer experience is often less than satisfactory, even when their issue is resolved.

It would be easy to blame the reps. But take a step back and ask yourself "how much of the service problem is systemic, resulting from managerial over-control of the customer engagement process?"


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Bring back the love – advertiser vs consumer

Community Network’s normal stomping ground is the B2B arena but the video included in this article shines such a bright light on the misalignment that’s occurring between companies (advertisers) and consumers in many of today’s companies.

What the video highlights is just as relevant for the B2B market as it is for the B2C.  Check it out and see how much it resonates with you.

If by the end, you’re feeling like Claire Coffee, then you’ve got an intuitive understanding, if not a literal one, of what it means to want a good customer experience….that delightful sense of company/customer participation that extends beyond customer centricity.

The videos’ originator is bringbackthelove.com.

And now, Bring Back The Love videos…...

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Internal corporate communities – making great music together

RainToday.com writers Mike Schultz, Publisher, and John Doerr, Contributing Editor attribute words of wisdom to Benjamin Zander, founder and conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.  In a conference for business leaders Zander said,

The job of the conductor is to get the best music out of the musicians. His role is to coach, encourage, support, and occasionally push. But the conductor never makes a sound.

That got me thinking about internal corporate communities. 

If handled correctly, internal corporate communities are one way for corporate executives foster communication, collaboration, and participation among employees....

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Internet-inspired creativity

I recently bopped around the Internet researching something or another.  During my search, I came across an article a couple of years old that cautioned businesses about how the Internet undermines business productivity because employees waste time on social networking sites like Facebook or shopping online during work hours.

It got me thinking.

Maybe some employees do dither online.  The funny thing is, though, I see the Internet in the opposite light.  I realized I've become more creative because of the Internet.  And the gains the Internet brings far away its cost...

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