How to calculate the ROI on collaboration software – Building the business case

One of the big questions on social media software solutions is ROI.  The general thought is it’s hard to determine.  I disagree.

Just so we’re on the same page, by collaborative software I’m thinking of feature functionality like wikis, file sharing, and discussions.

What you want for a return on any business investment is either revenue generation or cost savings. 


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Community-enhanced versus traditional websites – what’s the what

One of our Intellicore Design Consulting clients needed help in understanding the value of a community-enhanced website versus their traditional website.  You know, “community” as in social media outreach.

I put together a short PowerPoint presentation to explain what’s the what and thought others might also want in on the whata.

Check it out.

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GroupSwim released version 6.1 - Cool beans!

GroupSwim, developer of social software for business, released a version 6.1 of their nifty collaboration and community software suite last week.  The platform just keeps getting better and better.

Intellicore Design Consulting is also a GroupSwim partner.  For those of you who are new to GroupSwim, Gartner selected the developer as one of its Cool Vendors in Social Software for 2009. 

We likey GroupSwim for a lot of collaborative communication reasons and you can read more here.  Add to that list, the following new functionality is:

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Automate & collaborate a la Intellicore Design Consulting

In response to queries about the solution sets offered by Intellicore Design Consulting, I prepared a video to give folks and up close and personal look.  Our solutions focus on on-demand business automation, collaboration, and eCommerce.

The slide below is taken out of the presentation and gives you the quick answer.  The presentation gives you more information, hosted by moi.

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How thinking styles impact team collaboration

Tower Bridge in a fog.Cynthina Heinsohn, my business partner, and I have logged more than 20 years in our business and social relationship.  Yet for all those miles traveled together, we’ve sometimes fail to communicate effectively and our connection became like a bridge in the fog…we knew the connection was there but we needed to let the fog blow away to find it.

The fog didn’t derive from a deficiency in either of our abilities or from a lack of our willingness to collaborate.  Rather, sometimes mishaps occurred because we forgot about the reality of several of differing attributes.

Since we became business partners with Intellicore Design Consulting and now conduct the majority of our joint business via phone, some of our attribute differences are more pronounced, impacting our interpersonal art of collaboration with each other, and we’ve required new collaboration tools to help us ensure we keep our bridge unhampered by fog.

Today, one of the differences I want to discuss are the differences in thinking styles and how these can impact collaboration and communication.  Variations in thinking styles impact everyone so businesses need to pay attention to this attribute to be successful collaborators.

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Why folks will flip for GroupSwim’s version 6

GroupSwim, one of Intellicore Design Consulting’s partners, just released version 6 of their social software. This release offers a lot of features geared towards site owners and managers.

These features will help companies continue to gain all the GroupSwim community benefits and they will allow companies to fully showcase their own corporate brand while minimizing that of GroupSwim.

Here’s what’s got us flipping for version 6.

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GroupSwim Named 2009 Cool Vendor in Social Software by Gartner

GroupSwim announced that Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, has selected GroupSwim as one of its Cool Vendors in Social Software for 2009.

Gartner has identified Social software as one of the hottest areas in the software industry in terms of innovation, press attention, and client inquiries. Gartner's report highlights new and interesting companies. In order to be a "Cool" vendor, you must:

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How to use GroupSwim’s semantic tags

If you’ve ever visited knowledge bases, wikis, or other online community features, then you know that sometimes the most frustrating task is trying to find information within an online social site.

One of the reasons Intellicore Design is so yippee ki yi yea about GroupSwim solutions is because of tagging functionality built into the product platforms.  Their tagging functionality is key to enhancing auto-tagging abilities, enabling semantic search, and auto-suggesting alternative search terms.

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