Bagging management back-up books in favor of knowledge bases

Most times when a marketer like me touts the benefits of a knowledge base, we focus on the customer service benefits.  While those are plentiful, today I want to share a story that exposes the internal benefits of having a well-populated knowledge base.

Back in the day, Cynthina Heinsohn, developer extraordinaire, and I worked in an Exxon Exploration Planning group.  Among our various semi-regular responsibilities, the Planning group prepared our division management team (the Exxon way) to weather senior executive reviews of our division's operational activity and investment portfolio (and our division budget encompassed $100s of millions).

For each review, our group's preparation involved undertaking a mountain of analysis, generating a plethora of reports, and then building two to three back-up books filled with the results, with each binder book being about about three to four inches thick.  And this happened two to three times per year...

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General features and benefits of collaborative community solutions

The other day, I blogged about why the benefits of building a collaborative online community.  Today's let's dig into the features and benefits for the various dimensions of collaborative community solutions.

First, a quick review.  Community solutions are multi-dimensional and most are modular in nature, allowing you to take the ones you want and scale up later if desired.  You can elect to push information out, pull it in or do some combination of the two. 

Common options include: ...

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