Tips for successful business & tech requirements for tech solutions

I chatted with my buddy David today about a project he has going with a client to implement a sales solution.  Everything is moving along successfully for David – good news – and there’s a good reason for it.

And that reason?  Well-defined business requirements, followed by technical specs.  Do these activities in detail and well, and you’re halfway towards completing a successful technology project.  Do them poorly, though, and your project is a ticking time bomb.

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Planning tips that propel successful Salesforce implementations

If you want a successful implementation, you take one part leadership, and mix it with one part planning and one part communication.  We talked earlier in the week about leadership so let’s segue into planning today.

Now, I grant you that planning may not sound like a very sexy activity but it’s highly important so let’s talk about that today.  If you fail to build planning into the mix then you’re well on your way to failing.  Why?  Talk a page from Thomas Edison:

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

As with previous discussions, although I’ll focus discussion around Salesforce, these are tips that you can employ for any major strategic initiative.

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7 Tips to stimulate user adoption

Any and all change is stressful – even welcome change.  No matter how excited your staff may be about the idea of a new business tool or strategy, at the worst they still may balk at times and the best may stumble as they work to gain proficiency in the new thing.

That’s just as true about new enterprise applications like as anything else.  So know that and prepare to meet the challenge of helping your company’s employees adapt to the change.

I’ve got some tips for you to use to stimulate the user adoption of your Salesforce implementation, although it truth, you can use these tips for any solution...

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