Tips for successful business & tech requirements for tech solutions

I chatted with my buddy David today about a project he has going with a client to implement a sales solution.  Everything is moving along successfully for David – good news – and there’s a good reason for it.

And that reason?  Well-defined business requirements, followed by technical specs.  Do these activities in detail and well, and you’re halfway towards completing a successful technology project.  Do them poorly, though, and your project is a ticking time bomb.

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Intellicore Design offers Enterprise Information Architecture & Development services

We’ve long said it.  Intellicore Design Consultants are business strategists first and foremost with an IT specialization.

We decided to create better alignment between our one of our key market differentiators and our service offerings.  That’s why we’re pleased to offer an array of strategic services focused on Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA).

Additionally, another unsung strength of ours – until now – is our conceptual software development capabilities.  In revamping our service offerings, we’ve added Conceptual Software Development to the slate.

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