Attending Paul Greenberg’s Certification in SCRM Strategy Workshop

February is already poised to be a fun month around here.  I’ll be attending the BPT Partners (Paul Greenberg) workshop on Certification in Social CRM Strategy on February 9-10 in Herndon VA.

Paul is renouned as the Godfather of CRM – and for good reason.  Beyond that Paul is the sort of pro who bends over backwards to help others.  Put it together and what it means is anytime you have an opportunity to spend with him, grab it because it’s definitely worth it.


Twitter SCRM Accidental Community coming too

Just being present to soak up Paul’s SCRMy goodness is sufficient reason to attend thw SCRM Strategy workshop.

What will take the workshop over the top for me will be the added presence of a stellar group of other experts from the Twitter SCRM Accidental Community, of which moi is a part.

As of now, here are some of the other thought leaders attending the workshop:

This is going to be good.  Join us!

Talking around the town – Friday, 10/16/09

I entered into a great discussion this week on John Moore’s blog regarding Important Social Media Stats From IDC For You To Consider.

The article highlights adoption of social media by workers and the technology implications.  I commented on my techno-thoughts, in the good company of others.


I agree with a lot of what John writes, however, in his article Social Media May Never Scale Beyond Support For Most Businesses, John and I face off on opposing sides.  There's great potential for business uses of social media -- but it will fall into collaborative realms.

Talking around the town - Friday, 10/2/09

In traveling around the blogosphere this week, here are excellent articles where I've recented posted comments.  Check 'em out:

The path to Social CRM: Do you have a Portfolio of Real Options?

Wim Rampen - Fostering discussion how companies can proceed forward building a social business when the tools to manage such businesses are in early stages of development.

I’m Thinking

Amber Naslund article - Raised the question of where to take discussions of social media.

10 steps to help you become a social media ninja

Jake Hird - "[10 very practical] pointers do you need to follow to train yourself to engage in the ongoing battleground of social media"

He Said, She Said: Google Sidewiki

Mack Collier and Beth Harte each expressed their views of Google Sidewiki.



Online Strategy Divas Talk Biz

Thanks to Anne Clelland of Handshake 2.0. Anne is one of my Twitter colleagues (@Handshake20) and she recently interviewed me about Intellicore Design Consulting.  We talked about how PR firms, and their clients, can benefit from teaming with us.  Check it out!

Handshake Media is a digital media public relations agency.  They specialize in the use of social media channels, social networking sites, and Web 2.0 tools to create strategies in accord with the visions of individuals, corporations, organizations, and enterprises to produce desired business results.

Handshake is also a part of the is a member of VT KnowledgeWorks...And Virginia Tech Hokies? Always of the good!

Online social networking talk given to Fairfax County Chamber

Yesterday, I spoke at the Women's Business Council’s Emerging Leaders Program of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce on the topic of Online Social Networking - Strategies for Success.  Thanks so much to the Fairfax Chamber for having me.

The talk went super but what made it the most fun for me, and hopefully more valuable for the audience, was my interest in making it be a two-way discussion (as opposed to me being a talking head).

Several things happened as a result:

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Intellicore Design Consulting strengthens focus on customer-facing services

Cynthina Heinsohn, my business partner, and I have been undergoing a bit of a revolution in our service offerings.  We’re shifting our professional focus to what we do the best and love the most.

We’re offering an array of services and solutions to spark business online. These center on developing and implementing customer-facing and collaborative systems and the back-office systems heightening their value.

How is this different than what we’ve been doing?  I’ll let you in on a secret.  It really isn’t.

What we’re really doing is realigning how we present ourselves to the market.  You see, while Intellicore Design Consulting attracted and performed customer-facing projects all along, we’ve been most actively promoting our CRM service offerings.  Doing one thing while promoting another.

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How Intellicore Design Consulting helps companies strategize & implement social media

Navigating through the social media world can be challenging, especially for companies new to these channels.

Part of the challenge is the breath of social media.  To do it right, companies need to consider the both user needs and business needs.

Bridging user and business needs is our speciality and that's why we can help you.

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