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CRMSearch.com published the first of a two-part series on understanding social business by yours truly. Check it out. Would love to hear your comments or have you rate the article.

Here’s an exerpt for Should You Become a Social Business, the first article.

If you are in business today you can't help but be inundated by the plethora of information about the social enterprise and Social CRM. Social pundits send the message deploying social is a "must have" for businesses.

The big question for business leaders, though, is whether social media will help them solve their business problems. And if so, then the question becomes one of how to combine traditional business methods with social media to do so.

[…] Should your company adopt the model? The short answer is…maybe.

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Why CRM is really Customer Transaction Management

Dr. Natalie and I discuss how CRM (customer relationship management) has been really more like CTM (customer transaction management).

And we delve into how social business is moving CRM to where it’s really meant to be – and why moving to true CRM is important to companies.

(If you want to watch/listen to the full discussion rather than an excerpt, you can download the file here. Select Episode 1 - The Proimse of Social CRM, part 1.)

Now, here is today's podcast...

Why CRM is really Customer Transaction Management

Customer Centricity in a Social CRM World–Ebook now published!

The Simplifying Social Business ebook series just keeps rolling on. Customer Centricity in a Social CRM World, the 3rd book in the series, is now published on Kindle and Nook.

Social customer relationship management (Social CRM or SCRM) is one of the planks of the social business model and turns the focus to the customer, making them central to the business.

It goes beyond saying your customers are important, though. Companies with strong SCRM strategies build genuine and authentic relationships with customers by sharing two-way conversations with them.

A question begging an answer then is – What is “customer centricity” in a Social CRM world?

My answer goes against the conventional wisdom of some of today's thought leaders.

Crowd wisdom in social m

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The Business of Social Business–Now Published!

Woo hoo! I’m happy to report The Business of Social Business is out on Kindle and Nook. I wrote the book in partnership with Dr. Natalie.

Social business is revolutionizing the business landscape. Fifty years from now, historians will look back and realize social business was as game changing as the rise of PCs on everyone’s desktops.

The thing is, though, a lot of business leaders continue to struggle with understanding the importance of social business or the impact it can have on a company. And they don’t understand how to implement the social business model to solve real-world business problems or to springboard opportunities.

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Customer Centricity in a Social CRM World–Focus Roundtable

On October 5, 2011 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET, Dr. Natalie and I will team with Emily Yellin, author of Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us, to discuss what customer centricity really means.

10/5/11 update - Hear the replay.

This will be the 3rd week in our Simplifying Social Business series, sponsored by Focus.com.

We’ll will also delve into Social CRM strategies to build genuine and authentic relationships with that will help companies retain recurring revenues and add new sales.

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Focus Podcast–Promise of Social CRM, Pt 1

Dr. Natalie and I hosted the first roundtable in our Simplifying Social Business roundtable series, sponsored by Focus. 

Today's roundtable was The Promise of Social CRM, pt 1. We talked about the social business model and began to define Social CRM.

We want to thank Focus for the opportunity to share our social business thought leadership today and in the coming weeks.

Be sure to look over the Q&A. There’s a great handful of conversations that started around the roundtable.

SCRM Interview With Thought Leader Kathy Herrmann

All Things CRM just interviewed me for an article on Social CRM. Questions included the evolution of SCRM, it's future, what companies are doing SCRM well, and the ROI of SCRM.

Check it out!


Defining SCRM

There’s some variation across different thought leaders about what SCRM means. Here’s how I look at it.

I start with the idea of the social business model which centers on engaging, collaborating, and connecting with customers, partners, employees, and other interested parties. It refers to the holistic corporate adoption of activities that occur both internally and externally to the company and incorporates all of a company’s business ecosystem.

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Change Management & Social Business

Becoming a social business – not just a company with a Facebook page – is a change management opportunity and challenge for a company. It requires attention to people, processes, and technology.

The more important question is what can a company do to provide a better customer experience? And what changes to people, processes, and technology are needed to support the strategy and tactics for such a customer-centric business model?

Doing social from a holistic corporate perspective needs to be driven at...

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