How Social Business Emulates the Human Approach

Today’s podcast with Dr. Natalie and I showcases how social business emulates the human approach.

Social business, and supporting SCRM strategies, allow us to once again emulate the human approach. It’s not about adding a human touch to your business. Instead, it’s about being human.

In the process, social business unleashes the creative processes of real people, incorporating normal right- and left-brained processes, rather than force-fitting us solely into a left-brained, transactional mold.

How Social Business Emulates the Human Approach

How California Tortilla Exemplifies Customer Centricity

In last week’s Focus Roundtable on The Promise of Social CRM, Dr. Natalie and I talked about how Social CRM is emulating the human approach. Kelly asked the question “What is the antithesis of a human approach? Example?”

In answer to Kelly’s question, I said look at most companies call centers. Putting the snark aside, though, there are companies that are getting Social CRM and doing it right.

California Tortilla is one company and I'm going to tell you why.

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Simplifying Social Business - eBooks & Roundtables

This week and next are going to be exciting in the Kathyverse. In conjunction with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, I’m launching the Simplifying Social Business ebook series on Kindle and Nook.

In addition, starting next week, Natalie and I will host on ongoing weekly Focus roundtable series on the same topics.

Woo hoo!

In the eBooks, as well as the weekly Focus roundtables, Dr. Natalie and I discuss what business leaders need to know to successfully implement holistic social strategies. We’ll arm folks to effectively break down siloes to engage, influence, collaborate, and create with customers, partners, and employees using the social business model.

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VOTE YES - 5 Steps to Humanize A Brand & Get Social Media ROI

The social business model is fundamentally changing the business landscape because it supports how real people relate and do business with each other.

Social companies understand that a certain amount of process is necessary to remain effective and efficient. However, these companies also know success in a social media world means going beyond adding a human touch to business. It means being human. 

The social customer wants their questions answered and their problems solved. They want to have confidence in their buying decisions. And they don’t want to worry about your processes, departmental siloes or other activities they view as impediments to getting what they need.

How then, does a company learn how to implement social business strategies that get results?

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How to do Google+ messaging

I’m loving using Google+ and am looking forward to it coming out of beta so more people can get involved. If you’re new and need help with understanding how to do messaging, then Gord McLeod over at has what you need.

For example, I wanted to figure out how to send a message to one specific person, like a Twitter DM. As much as I enjoy reading the conversation streams, I wanted to make personal connections with folks too. Gord has the answer -- and he's now my new best friend.

Check out:

How to Take Advantage of Google+ Messaging

How to Use the Advanced Secrets of Google+ Messaging


Talking around the town - At WSJ - PR metrics & value

Carl Bialik, a WSJ reporter, wrote two related articles in the last few days on the topic of determing the value of PR.  One was an article for the WSJ and other for his blog.  I commented on both, taking the pro side of the need for PR valuation -- and as one of the few voices mentioning that value can be determined.


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Publicists Pump Up Value of Buzz; Don't Believe the Hype (article)

How Much Is This Blog Post Worth? (blog)


Change Management & Social Business

Becoming a social business – not just a company with a Facebook page – is a change management opportunity and challenge for a company. It requires attention to people, processes, and technology.

The more important question is what can a company do to provide a better customer experience? And what changes to people, processes, and technology are needed to support the strategy and tactics for such a customer-centric business model?

Doing social from a holistic corporate perspective needs to be driven at...

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Tweet Up schedule–Social Customer Service ROI

Starting on Monday, June 6, 2011, Dr. Natalie and I will host a 3-session tweet up series on the Social Customer Service.

Over the 3 sessions, we’ll discuss topics related to thought leadership we shared in our recent white paper Calculating the ROI for Social Customer Service.

Our end goal with our recent paper and coming tweet ups is to help people combine strategy with ROI to accelerate executive approval of social customer service programs.

Of course, each of you have your own experiences and thoughts to share so it won’t be complete unless you join in the discussion!

Mark your calendars and join the discussion on:

  1. How to Build the Business Case for Social Customer Service – Monday, June 6, 2011 at 3 pm EDT.
  2. Calculating ROI for Social Customer Service – Week of  June 13 - TBD.
  3. How Social Customer Service Benefits the Entire Company – Week of June 20 - TBD.

The hash tag for each session will be #smROI.

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