How California Tortilla Exemplifies Customer Centricity

In last week’s Focus Roundtable on The Promise of Social CRM, Dr. Natalie and I talked about how Social CRM is emulating the human approach. Kelly asked the question “What is the antithesis of a human approach? Example?”

In answer to Kelly’s question, I said look at most companies call centers. Putting the snark aside, though, there are companies that are getting Social CRM and doing it right.

California Tortilla is one company and I'm going to tell you why.

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4 factors leading to collaboration success

Cynthina Heinsohn, my partner, and I collaborate with each other to manage our business and advance our projects. For the latter, we also collaborate with clients to meet their business objectives and with external partners in various capacities.

We’re like everyone else when it comes to collaboration.  Sometimes we hit the mark and others we fall short.  We’ve learned successful collaboration can be encapsulated by a simple formula:

Collaboration = Connection + Communication + Cooperation + Integration

The challenge is finding pathways to collaboration. 

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Community-enhanced versus traditional websites – what’s the what

One of our Intellicore Design Consulting clients needed help in understanding the value of a community-enhanced website versus their traditional website.  You know, “community” as in social media outreach.

I put together a short PowerPoint presentation to explain what’s the what and thought others might also want in on the whata.

Check it out.

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Group management in GroupSwim solutions

GroupSwim solutions, our most favorite on-demand social software, offer role-based permissions for members and unlimited groups so it’s fabulous method to foster online collaboration and communication, with privacy levels to match.

How do I group thee in GroupSwim?

Let me count the ways.

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