4 factors leading to collaboration success

Cynthina Heinsohn, my partner, and I collaborate with each other to manage our business and advance our projects. For the latter, we also collaborate with clients to meet their business objectives and with external partners in various capacities.

We’re like everyone else when it comes to collaboration.  Sometimes we hit the mark and others we fall short.  We’ve learned successful collaboration can be encapsulated by a simple formula:

Collaboration = Connection + Communication + Cooperation + Integration

The challenge is finding pathways to collaboration. 

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Integrate community and CRM solutions & alleviate sales challenges

Over the last two articles in the Sales Challenges series (here and here), we’ve delved into the sales challenges revolving on messaging, prospecting and closing sales.  We also identified using online community and CRM solutions to resolve these challenges.

Today, I want to close the loop by discussing the benefits of integrating these solutions together to further mitigate sales challenges.

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Mitigate prospecting and sale-closing challenges – Use CRM and community solutions

Sales Challenges series, part 2

Yesterday, we opened the Sales Challenge series by looking at challenges around messaging and the solutions to mitigate them.  Today, we’re going to investigate challenges around prospecting and closing sales and the ways in which you can use CRM and community solutions to resolve them.

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Resolve messaging sales challenges with community solutions

In this economy, we all face sales challenges.  Topping the list are those related to messaging, prospecting, and closing the sale.

Each of these challenges can be mitigated through the effective use of CRM and community solutions in the Sales Challenge series will investigate each and provide solutions to mitigate them.  To start off, we’ll focus on the messaging.

However, these challenges interconnect so in our third and closing article in the Sales Challenge series, we’ll address integrating the solutions to achieve a holistic resolution.

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Strike it rich when panning for Search gold

I spend a lot of time online visiting group forums and looking up information in knowledge bases.  It’s a bit like panning for gold.  Sometimes you strike it rich – but many other times you come up with a bust.

Why?  Because many online resources lack good search capabilities.  Searches and tags for many solutions lack good intelligence to find what’s truly important.  Additionally, most tags like a relationship to others.

That’s why I’m loving GroupSwim....

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Pooling knowledge the GroupSwim way

Yesterday we announced our new partnership with GroupSwim.  Today let’s do a bit of splashing around so you can see why we’re flipping with excitement about their collaboration and community solutions.

The GroupSwim focus is on the B2B and small- to medium-sized market.  At present, the feature functionality of its solutions centers on:

  • Wikis,
  • Discussions, and
  • File sharing. 

Intellicore Design Consulting is just gearing up our own value-add development around GroupSwim but for right now, let's just look at GroupSwim as a standalone solution...

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General features and benefits of collaborative community solutions

The other day, I blogged about why the benefits of building a collaborative online community.  Today's let's dig into the features and benefits for the various dimensions of collaborative community solutions.

First, a quick review.  Community solutions are multi-dimensional and most are modular in nature, allowing you to take the ones you want and scale up later if desired.  You can elect to push information out, pull it in or do some combination of the two. 

Common options include: ...

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