solutions – Intellicore Design’s value-add

The cool thing about the world we live in today is an abundance of choices.  It’s just as true when deciding on an IT service provider to implement a solution as it is for anything else.

That begs the question then of why you should select Intellicore Design Consulting as your solution provider for solutions.  The answer?  Choose us because we aren’t IT service providers.


We the folks at Intellicore Design Consulting are business strategy experts who translate business processes and programs into on-demand business solutions we implement.

For and foremost, though, we’re business strategy experts.

Across the Intellicore team, we’ve worked in just about every major functional area of businesses – sales, marketing, operations (IT and non-IT), and planning – and worked indirectly with the remaining areas (like accounting).

We have successfully defined and implemented business initiatives necessary to make businesses operate effectively and efficiently – a.k.a profitably.  We understand businesses can only be truly effective when these processes and programs meet all the the diverse and sometimes divergent needs of all the major functional areas.


What is our philosophy regarding

Our philosophy of as that it's much more than a contact management system.

We see it as an operational backbone for businesses.  We can do that because of our strong and diverse business background.  We also do that because we both have inquiring minds that like to deeply delve into whatever we’re doing and then take it as far as we can.  And we do.

Together, we have high focus and clarity with an ability to see today’s problems across multiple functional areas and bring that to bear in our solutions.  We mix that with a heaping helping of intuitive dream-weaving to anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities, leaving room to expand the solution in future enhancements if desired.

If all your looking for is a glorified contact manager solution, then sure, we’ll build it for you.

If however, you want a strong system that will form the operational core of your business built on a single strong platform that manage multiple solutions, then that’s where we can really help you with

That’s where we stand out from the crowd.