Bring back the love – advertiser vs consumer

Community Network’s normal stomping ground is the B2B arena but the video included in this article shines such a bright light on the misalignment that’s occurring between companies (advertisers) and consumers in many of today’s companies.

What the video highlights is just as relevant for the B2B market as it is for the B2C.  Check it out and see how much it resonates with you.

If by the end, you’re feeling like Claire Coffee, then you’ve got an intuitive understanding, if not a literal one, of what it means to want a good customer experience….that delightful sense of company/customer participation that extends beyond customer centricity.

The videos’ originator is

And now, Bring Back The Love videos…





And the sequel….


It’s ironic really because Microsoft sponsored the second movie.  Not exactly practicing what they preach when it comes to listening to customers.

That brings up the second half of a participatory customer actually have to implement changes that will improve the customer's experience.

Kudos for Microsoft for getting the need for a customer experience.  Kudos for entertaining advertising.  Now if only they'd spend some of those dollars to fix Vista.