Talking around the town - Friday, 10/2/09

In traveling around the blogosphere this week, here are excellent articles where I've recented posted comments.  Check 'em out:

The path to Social CRM: Do you have a Portfolio of Real Options?

Wim Rampen - Fostering discussion how companies can proceed forward building a social business when the tools to manage such businesses are in early stages of development.

I’m Thinking

Amber Naslund article - Raised the question of where to take discussions of social media.

10 steps to help you become a social media ninja

Jake Hird - "[10 very practical] pointers do you need to follow to train yourself to engage in the ongoing battleground of social media"

He Said, She Said: Google Sidewiki

Mack Collier and Beth Harte each expressed their views of Google Sidewiki.