Talking around the town – Friday, 10/23/09

This week, I had much to say about a number of topics.

Holding central place is my continuing championship of letting business objectives and strategies lead technology.  The latter is the servant of the former, by gum. 

Go. Read.


The Next Big Thing is not Social “XYZ”

Wim Rampen wrote a short article that generated active discussion on the topic of the co-creation being at the core of Social CRM and Social Business Design.  Much of the discussion centered on the Next Big Thing. 

I'm a technology lover and, hey, partner in an IT firm here.  In my mind, though too much discussion still centers on technology, when many businesses are still at the starting point of defining objectives and strategies for social business design.  My buddy @DavidKriss (Twitter) sums it up nicely with his astute observation:

For sales, technology is utility, the enabler. It’s the light switch, not the electricity.”

Expand that to business in general and it’s equally true. Now go read my thoughts on the matter because it turns out I had a lot to say on the subject. Could have written an article just based on my comments.


The SCRM Roadmap – Part 1 of 5

Esteban Kolsky initiated a discussion on the strategy of building an SCRM solution.


Are You a Snotty Artist?

Well, no, no we're not ( at Intellicore Design). 

Men With Pens's James Chartrand sounds off about two camps of writers, designers and other creative folks -- those who consider their work a trade versus arTEESTes who consider their work an art form. 

Excellent discussion, to which I added my thoughts on the need for results-driven work.