Talking Around the Town – Friday, 10/30/09

Thanks to all the folks who took time to write articles and share their thoughts. 

So many good topics on technology, CRM, and social businesses.  So many opportunities to comment.

And I did, I did. Here are the places I visited this week.


Sales is much more than just sales people

A Twitter discussion on the lead to opportunity life cycle moved to a Mitch Lieberman's blog (sometimes you need more than 140 characters for conversations).  My 2 cents on the customer life cycle and it's place in lead nurturing through opportunity to conversion to customer.

Also be sure to check out the article I wrote as a follow up to Mitch's.  It's Take ownership of your customer relationships - And win.


The Roadmap to SCRM – Part 2.1 of 5

Esteban Kolsky took the plunge in his multi-part series to map out a Social CRM solution. This article drew lots of great discussion and I added my own thoughts on the “gateway” to collecting the unstructured data of social media.


Is It Time For Your Business To “Go Social”?

John Moore asks the question most business need to stand back and ask.  Yes. No. Maybe. Go. Read. Good comment for you to ponder. :-)


Twitter Lists, good or bad?

Mitch Lieberman posed the question, I added my answer.


Are you listing?

Steve Wheeler adds his thoughts on Twitter lists so I added a little different view of mine here.