What’s the deal with our free consultation offer?

One of my buddies and former co-worker asked me what the dealio is with Intellicore Design Consulting offering folks a free consultation offer

If we provide quality services to clients, and we do, then why give away a free hour of our time?  Because it's an "expand the pie" opportunity for you and us.

Because before you open the door and invite a consultant in, you want to know the firm is one you trust and who has the vision and hands-on knowledge you'll need to propel your business objectives forward.

We can and will do that for you -- and our free Assessment will show you how before you spend your money on our services.



Benefits of our free assessment

I've said it before but it bears repeating.  Intellicore Design consultants are business strategy experts first and IT specialists second.  We understand how to connect business + user + technology needs.

Our free assessment will give you insight to:

  1. Ignite customer interest and energize value to them,
  2. Optimize your business processes to support your customer-facing solutions, or
  3. Strategize your next technology move.

Spend our time and come away with: 

  • 3 ways to improve your website, eStore or customer portal, OR
  • 3 ways to enhance automation between your websites and your CRM, accounting or other back-office system, OR
  • You define your assessment need.

Of course, there’s no further obligation, although we’re doggone sure you’ll be convinced of the quality of our services.  And that's why we're giving away our time.  Because we think once you test drive us, you'll want more.

If you need a more in-depth assessment of your customer-facing solutions and their back-office support systems, then we have premium options for you to select from as well.

Visit our website to get started on your assessment or feel free to give me a shout.  This is a great deal so grab it!  We want to help you.