ValueRight Social Media solves challenge of determining social media ROI

Through Pathlight Solutions, our new firm, we just released ValueRight Social Media, a social media and SCRM valuation and ROI toolkit.

We’re excited to be able to bring this tool to the market place because it will allow people to perform a rigorous valuation of social media and SCRM initiatives – without having to be a financial wizard.  The tool performs all the heavy lifting of the valuation math and guides users through the valuation process.

The results generated by ValueRight are just what the executive suite wants to see to evaluate a social media initiative:

  • Cash flow analysis of your social media program,
  • Net present value of cash flows,
  • ROI.

Here’s a sample output:


Cool, don’t you think?

The ValueRight toolkit includes:

  • eBook.  Describes all the social media ROI concepts in a text form and explains how you will use the associated Excel workbook to determine your own company’s smROI.
  • Excel workbook.  The tool you’ll use to calculate your company’s actual smROI. 
  • Free how-to seminars.  Bi-weekly seminars open to anyone who purchases ValueRight Social Media to discuss the smROI methodology and assumptions.  This is time for you to ask your general questions surrounding social media valuation or how to use the tool. Attend as many times as you like.

Learn more about ValueRight Social Media here.