GroupSwim released version 6.1 - Cool beans!

GroupSwim, developer of social software for business, released a version 6.1 of their nifty collaboration and community software suite last week.  The platform just keeps getting better and better.

Intellicore Design Consulting is also a GroupSwim partner.  For those of you who are new to GroupSwim, Gartner selected the developer as one of its Cool Vendors in Social Software for 2009. 

We likey GroupSwim for a lot of collaborative communication reasons and you can read more here.  Add to that list, the following new functionality is:

  • Moderation: Review and approve submissions before posting.
  • Performance:  Zippier page loads.
  • Search: Find content from everywhere in your site.
  • Watchlist out – Followers in.
  • Home page more informational:  Summary of your recent activity and the skinny on who you follow.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 8

If you want to read more, then visit the release summary posted by GroupSwim.  If you want to learn more about GroupSwim in general, then hop over to our website.  Or feel free to give me a shout and we can chat about your sitch.