Intellicore Design offers Enterprise Information Architecture & Development services

We’ve long said it.  Intellicore Design Consultants are business strategists first and foremost with an IT specialization.

We decided to create better alignment between our one of our key market differentiators and our service offerings.  That’s why we’re pleased to offer an array of strategic services focused on Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA).

Additionally, another unsung strength of ours – until now – is our conceptual software development capabilities.  In revamping our service offerings, we’ve added Conceptual Software Development to the slate.


Enterprise Information Architecture services

Our EIA services focus on customer-facing systems and the back-office systems supporting them.

We’ve always incorporated EIA services into our web development and design service offerings.  Now, though, a company can turn to Intellicore Design solely for EIA help – and if desired, we can still package these services with our web services.

Through these services, we help companies organizing public and private web sites and other interactive media so your users will have great experiences on your sites, quickly find the information they’re looking for, and engage in online conversion activities (e.g. leads, sales, etc. for prospects and customers).

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Conceptual Software Development services

We love development and particular excel at the lifecycle phase spanning between Ideation and proof of concept.

Our Conceptual Software Development services to help accelerate your development of software products or applications.  We use the platform,’s platform as a Service, to develop applications 5 times faster and at about 1/2 the cost of traditional software platforms.

We can help you extend the functionality of your Salesforce installation or if you need a custom application to meet specific business needs.

And a secondary related service is offering development services through the productization phase too.

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BTW…about web development and design

We haven’t talked too much about our service offerings related to web development and design.  In part, it’s because it’s an established part our service offerings and in less need of marketing than some of our our service lines.

One of our specialties is designing websites that help companies promote and sell their corporate brand and products, communicate public and secure information sharing and collaboration, and facilitate interoperability through web-based communities, hosted services, and web-based applications.

Being great lovers of business automation, though, we have the IT chops to integrate your websites to your back-office systems.

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Oh and be sure to check out our case study on Enabling Technologies Corp and their phenomenal visitor increases.



There you have it.  Our new service offerings still keep the best of what we do and expose what we’ve been otherwise doing quietly.  You can check out all our our solution and service offerings here.

Then contact us and let’s strategize and collaborate.