How Intellicore Design Consulting helps companies strategize & implement social media

Navigating through the social media world can be challenging, especially for companies new to these channels.

Part of the challenge is the breath of social media.  To do it right, companies need to consider the both user needs and business needs.

Bridging user and business needs is our speciality and that's why we can help you.

As I wrote in this article,

Social media can impact multiple departments in companies – marketing, sales, and customer service are three that come to mind.

Don’t just consider external business objectives, though.  Social media can help internal teams to collaborate as well, although it might be via a private channel.

Thus, make sure your social media strategy is multi-tiered to meet the business needs of all impacted functional areas.

Why us?

We’ve said it all along.  Intellicore Design consultants are business strategists first and foremost with a specialization in IT.  We have functional expertise in business strategy and planning, marketing, sales, and IT technology, and collaborative experience with groups such as Accounting and Customer Support/Service.

Our consultants’ expertise provide the bridge needed to span business and user needs in customer-facing and back-office systems.

We’re modifying our service offerings to better reflect our ability to solve the combination of business and user need services and solutions.  And please forgive us because, at the mo’, our website is lagging beyond this article and needs some spiffing up to reflect the change.

One of the changes is providing Social Media Strategic and Implementation services.


Social Media Strategic services

Our Social Media Strategic services will allow you take a leadership role in social media by helping you:

  • Articulate your social media strategy and goals to meet your business and user needs for your customer-facing and internal collaboration activities. 

  • Determine the right mix of social media channels (external, internal, or a combination).

  • Determine resource requirements (personnel, technology, and other).

  • Evaluate the technology options and recommend the right social media solutions for your company.  Our recommendations are solution-independent.


Social Media Implementation services

Our related Social Media Implementation services help companies implement social media channels and integrated them to their other solutions.

We can help you:

  • Implement your own branded, community solution whether it is built on the Jive, GroupSwim, Lithium or other community platforms.

  • Integrate established channels like Facebook or Twitter, or your own branded communities, into your other customer-facing or back-office solutions like your CRM system. 



Give us a shout to talk about your business situation.  We’re here to help.

Otherwise, stay tuned because we’ll be talking more about these services.


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