Intellicore Design Consulting strengthens focus on customer-facing services

Cynthina Heinsohn, my business partner, and I have been undergoing a bit of a revolution in our service offerings.  We’re shifting our professional focus to what we do the best and love the most.

We’re offering an array of services and solutions to spark business online. These center on developing and implementing customer-facing and collaborative systems and the back-office systems heightening their value.

How is this different than what we’ve been doing?  I’ll let you in on a secret.  It really isn’t.

What we’re really doing is realigning how we present ourselves to the market.  You see, while Intellicore Design Consulting attracted and performed customer-facing projects all along, we’ve been most actively promoting our CRM service offerings.  Doing one thing while promoting another.


What’s the what

We’re flipping Intellicore Design Consulting's promotional activities and realigning them to how we’re really working.

Here is our service array:


As you can see, we aren’t leaving the CRM and business automation arena, but it will primarily be in support of helping businesses extend their online presence.  The same is true for our software development services.

Another change along this line is widening our focus to be more solution-independent.  While we love and are big believers in its value, we will integrate to other business automation solutions too.

We’re also fans of GroupSwim for collaborative solutions.  When it comes to our Enterprise Web 2.0 services, though, we’ll help our clients determine the best community or collaborative solution for their business need and implement that, whether it’s a Jive, Awareness, GroupSwim, or other community solution.

By being solution-independent, we can better serve our clients needs rather than pushing our own solutions.  It comes back to finding the right and best mix of customer-facing solutions for our clients.


How we can help you

We’re so excited to return our primary focus to customer-facing solutions with our secondary focus being back-office systems.  It allows us to do what we do the best – helping businesses extend their online presence by integrating and balancing business needs + technology needs + user needs.

You can use our services for standalone projects or combine them to gain integrated results.

If for example, you were starting from ground zero, we can:

  • Build and implement your corporate website (incorporating both compelling design and good informational organization),
  • Advise you on the right social media mix for your business and implement a branded or other community solution for you,
  • Incorporate customer and partner portals,
  • Add in an eStore if you want to pursue online sales, and
  • Integrate these customer-facing solutions into your back-office systems or CRM (including creating a SCRM solution).

As you can see the hub of our services centers on customer-facing solutions.



We’ve updated our entire website to realign with our service focus.  Check it out!  And hey, don’t be shy about giving us a shout.  We’d love to help you.