0. Introduction to the Business of Social Business eSeries

It's time to get serious about the Business of Social Business and our new Pathlight Solutions eSeries eBook will jump start your efforts.

The opt-in eSeries eBook will arm you with the insights you need to incorporate sound business fundamentals into your social business design.  At a high level, the series will focus on the topics of:

  • Social business strategy and its implications,
  • Blasting through social media ROI myths.
  • Valuation of social initiatives and solving its inherent challenges.


Who should read this series

The series eBook is geared towards executives and senior managment charged with strategic or tactical responsibility for defining, implementing, or managing social business initiatives.

Don't look for the eSeries eBook to regurgitate all the reasons why your company should dive into social business waters.  You already know the reasons or you wouldn’t be here now.  Plus, there's already a wealth of content you can tap on the‘net if you still need that foundation.

The Business of Social Business eSeries eBook is geared towards folks ready to get serious about their initiatives. It will focus on what executives really want to know about the social business model -- strategic considerations to build a holistic plan, gains, and costs.


eSeries delivery

The primary delivery channel for the Business of Social Business eSeries eBook is via email. Once you're registered for the series, you'll also start receiving new articles as we release them.

Additionally, as each article is completed, we'll also post a copy of on the Pathlight website and all registered users will be able to read the current and previous articles in the free series.


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