ValueRight product family expands

Woo hoo! We’re pleased as punched to announce we expanded the ValueRight product family.

Our Pathlight Solutions’ social valuation tools now come in two flavors – ValueRight Social CRM and ValueRight Social Media.


ValueRight benefits

No matter which edition you select, ValueRight will determine the true dollars and sense valuation (and ROI) for your social initiatives.  Use one of the tools and you’ll provide the information executives most want to know, including:

  • Cash flow of gains and costs.
  • Net present value of gains, costs, and net results across multiple discount rates (also known as cost of capital).
  • Return on Investment.


ValueRight Social CRM

Consider this the fully loaded edition of ValueRight, geared towards business, marketing, and financial analysts charged with determining the valuation (and ROI) of social business initiatives.

ValueRight Social CRM allows you determine per-channel revenue streams for Facebook, branded communities, blogs, and Twitter, as well as cost savings from youru contact center.  People costs are reflected by employee activity levels and external consultants.  And determine the SCRM tech costs for your various solutions in your social platform, including CRM, SCRM, social software, and premium analytics.


ValueRight Social Media

ValueRight Social Media is our lite version, designed with a marketing slant.  Your marketing analysts can use ValueRight Social Media to determine the same per-channel revenue potential and people costs as is available in ValueRight Social CRM.


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