How Strategic Social Customer Service Generates and Preserves Revenue

The slide deck below is from a presentation Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and I did for the 2012 Customer Service Experience conference, which was an offshoot of CRM Destination.

In it, we discuss how social media can be used to retain customers, leading to retained revenues from avoiding customer defections. We also included an in-depth case study from a blue chip company’s social customer service team.

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Back in the Saddle

I’ve been busy with client projects and client generation and have let my blog postings slip since February. But I’m getting back in the saddle again and plan on posting new articles at least once a week if not more.

Over the next week, I'll post presentations I made earlier in the year on the topics:

(If the links are live, then the presos on already posted on the blog).

And in coming weeks, I’ll be writing more about a project I’m excited about. I’ve teamed with BCF to write an guidebook on Social Marketing and ROI especially for the hotel industry. BCF is a marketing agency with a passion for the travel and hospitality industry.

I’ll keep you posted.

Perspectives on Customer Centricity

Today’s podcast on Perspectives On Customer Centricity is hosted by Dr. Natalie and I with guest Emily Yellin. Emily is the author of Your Call Is Not That Important To Us.

Crowd wisdom in social media circles says, in today’s world, the customer owns the relationship because of the power of social media to shape corporate agendas.

There’s a problem with that sentiment though, because it creates an inequality in a relationship where one party holds more power than the other.

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Perspectives on Customer Centricity

Understanding Social Business articles On CRMSearch published the first of a two-part series on understanding social business by yours truly. Check it out. Would love to hear your comments or have you rate the article.

Here’s an exerpt for Should You Become a Social Business, the first article.

If you are in business today you can't help but be inundated by the plethora of information about the social enterprise and Social CRM. Social pundits send the message deploying social is a "must have" for businesses.

The big question for business leaders, though, is whether social media will help them solve their business problems. And if so, then the question becomes one of how to combine traditional business methods with social media to do so.

[…] Should your company adopt the model? The short answer is…maybe.

Go on, read the article for more. Smile

P.S. The second article should be out tomorrow.

How Social Business Emulates the Human Approach

Today’s podcast with Dr. Natalie and I showcases how social business emulates the human approach.

Social business, and supporting SCRM strategies, allow us to once again emulate the human approach. It’s not about adding a human touch to your business. Instead, it’s about being human.

In the process, social business unleashes the creative processes of real people, incorporating normal right- and left-brained processes, rather than force-fitting us solely into a left-brained, transactional mold.

How Social Business Emulates the Human Approach

Why Social Data Is Valuable

In today’s world, we need to move beyond CRM to add in the social component that is prevalent in Social CRM. But what does that even mean?

It means adding “relationship” into CRM in the way it was originally intended. It means gaining valuable and insightful information about what’s really important to people, as well as about how they really make decisions, do work, and live their lives.

Today’s podcast with Dr. Natalie delves into how social data is valuable to companies – and how companies can use it for competitive gain.

Why Social Data Is Valuable

Why CRM is really Customer Transaction Management

Dr. Natalie and I discuss how CRM (customer relationship management) has been really more like CTM (customer transaction management).

And we delve into how social business is moving CRM to where it’s really meant to be – and why moving to true CRM is important to companies.

(If you want to watch/listen to the full discussion rather than an excerpt, you can download the file here. Select Episode 1 - The Proimse of Social CRM, part 1.)

Now, here is today's podcast...

Why CRM is really Customer Transaction Management