How to ensure an IT implementation success

A Michael Krigsman article, published in TechRepublic, caught my attention because of the rather observation that  68 percent of IT projects fail.  Holy moly that sent me bopping ‘round to IAG Consulting, the original source of that yucky stat.

Based on their research, IAG found that the most common source of failure is poor requirements definition processes.  Put another way, the 32% of the companies most likely to succeed when it comes to IT implementations are those that have engaged in strong requirements definition processes.

While I haven’t undertaken rigorous study of the subject as IAG seems to, it does back up what I’ve learned from personal experience in my own past solution implementations.  And it backs up a cornerstone belief of Intellicore Design Consulting.

To ensure that your company falls with the successful 32% relative to solutions, check out our recent webinar on Tips for Successful Implementations

In the webinar, I discuss the importance of preparing User Experience documentation, a plain English but detailed document that describes the desire user experience, prepare by the business team that will use Salesforce.  We propose the User Experience document then becomes the basis for an oh so technical Requirements document that your friendly neighborhood IT group (internal or external) can use to prepare the technospeak solution demands.

If you have any further thoughts or questions, give me a shout.