Egg on my face - Try our webinars again

Who boy, sometimes you think you have it all covered only to discover don't.

We released numerous webinars this month, loaded them up to our Resources section of our website, and yours truly made some mistakes so the pages didn't load.

That means all you interested folks who tried to take a gander at our webinars were unable to get in to view them.

First off, thanks for taking an interest and trying to do so - and mucho apologies for the problem that prevented you from doing so.

I invite you to try again though since I fixed the problem. Here are our current titles of the most interest:

  • Customer Service Automation 101 -- tips for effective and efficient service managemen.

  • Tips for Successful Implementations -- Managing change relative to implementations.

Go to our Resources page, and then click on the webinar of interest. Oh yeah, you'll need to register first if you'd like to view the webinars.