Partnering with Intellicore Design to help companies accelerate at the speed of community connection

I'm pleased as punch to partner with Intellicore Design to offer business solutions to companies that transform their operations by leveraging their infrastructure and knowledge assets.

Together, we'll help companies accelerate their business opportunities and revenues through community-focused solutions centered on relationship management, collaboration, and eCommerce.

Additionally, these solutions are available on variable platforms, including, Microsoft SharePoint, and third-party hosting services.

Intellicore Design is the brainchild of Cynthina S. Heinsohn, software developer extraordinaire.  My marketing and communications and sale expertise compliments her design skills. 

We've worked together for too many years to acknowledge and in a variety of roles.  One of the things we enjoy the most with each other, though, is collaborating.  With our long-time friendship, we're able to zip into the heart of a situation, stimulate each other's creativity, and get things done.

What we're most enthused about right now, is finding ways to stimulate connection.  In today's world, we know connecting is imperative for any company and individuals who want to accelerate and deepen their success. 

Our focus is to use today's cool software tools to help companies make those connections. 

We'll talk more about collaborative communities as we blog along.