Showcasing Cynthina S. Heinsohn -- Developer extraordinaire

As part of our introduction to Network Community, the Intellicore Design's blog, you're going to want to "meet" Cynthina S. Heinsohn, Intellicore's found and developer extraordinaire.

You can read Cynthina's official bio here but let me give you my view as someone who has known her for years as both a friend and co-worker.

She's brilliant!  Cynthina is one of those rare designers who creates solutions that can successfully manage complexity in the background while keeping the user experience straightforward, intuitive and visually appealing.

Since she's worked at both large and small companies, she understands the variable demands of both types of enterprises and can scale her solutions according.

On a personal level, she's just great fun to work with! 

I could go on and on but you'll get to know her better in future articles where I talk about what we're doing and share ideas about collaborative communities.

Over and out!