Big News! Intellicore Design Partners with GroupSwim!

We’re pleased as punch to announce Intellicore Design Consulting’s new partnership with GroupSwim, a premier on-demand social software provider.  GroupSwim develops solutions focused on online collaboration and communication that are geared towards Intellicore’s key market of small- to medium-sized businesses.

You can read our official press release here but let me give you the informal skinny.

We visited with beaucoup social media partners looking for the right one to partner up.  A number of companies had interesting solutions but GroupSwim met all our criteria.

We wanted a collaborative software solution developer that understands the needs of the SMB and B2B market – and had a pricing point appropriate to this market.  Additionally, we wanted a collaborative solution that would play well with

GroupSwim fills the bill.

GroupSwim’s current core software solutions focus on feature functionality of group discussions, wikis, and file sharing.  With its semantic technology to automatically tag and rate content, GroupSwim’s technology tools make it soooo easy for businesses to collaborate and communicate among internal teams, or with customers and partners.

Check out our GroupSwim solutions here.

And GroupSwim is just getting started.  There’s lots more cool pending functionality on the development calendar that we’re not allowed to talk about yet but which is yahoo exciting.

Stay tuned.  I’ll be writing a lot more about GroupSwim solutions in the coming weeks because we’re just gushing to share our excitement.