Intellicore Design proposals – what you see is what you get

I talked with one of my networking contacts today and he asked how busy is for Intellicore Design in the current economy.  The good news is we’re busy, including talking to a variety of prospects and preparing proposals for them.

Our typical proposals for a Salesforce or community solution run on the order of 20-30 pages but even a simple website design proposal can run to more than 10 pages.

Are we crazy?

No.  We’re thorough.


Why we go the detailed proposal route


We put a extensive effort into our proposals because we want our prospective clients to have a clear understanding that we’ve correctly identified and defined their business imperative(s) and have a clear solution in mind to resolve their issues.  Also, we often give our prospective clients options, wherever we can, to give them budget flexibility.  And when it comes to pricing, we believe in line item pricing because it allows our customers to clearly understand our deliverables.

The downside to us is that we spend considerable time working on a prospect’s behalf before they’ve even committed to using us as their solution provider.  The upside, though, is transparency in terms of deliverables.  Our clients know exactly what we plan on delivering and where a solution still needs fleshing out with more detailed requirements.

We’re big believers in forging long-term relationships and believe the foundation for that starts with integrity.  Transparency is one tangible way of demonstrating it.  And strong communication serves to deepen any relationship.

Our clients are spending some chunk of their budgets on our services.  They deserve to know what we’re going to deliver to them.

What you see with Intellicore Design is what you get.


Coming soon!

We’re going to have exciting news to announce next week.  Stay tuned!