Attending Paul Greenberg’s Certification in SCRM Strategy Workshop

February is already poised to be a fun month around here.  I’ll be attending the BPT Partners (Paul Greenberg) workshop on Certification in Social CRM Strategy on February 9-10 in Herndon VA.

Paul is renouned as the Godfather of CRM – and for good reason.  Beyond that Paul is the sort of pro who bends over backwards to help others.  Put it together and what it means is anytime you have an opportunity to spend with him, grab it because it’s definitely worth it.


Twitter SCRM Accidental Community coming too

Just being present to soak up Paul’s SCRMy goodness is sufficient reason to attend thw SCRM Strategy workshop.

What will take the workshop over the top for me will be the added presence of a stellar group of other experts from the Twitter SCRM Accidental Community, of which moi is a part.

As of now, here are some of the other thought leaders attending the workshop:

This is going to be good.  Join us!