Talking Around the Town -- January 15, 2010

Never let it be said I lack things to say! :-) Here's where I've stopped in and shared opinions in the last week...

The ROI of CRM (and Social CRM) -- This week's best!

Mike Boysen wrote a dandy article consolidating thoughts from a variety of folks, including me.  I also added more thoughts in the comments.

ROI Hype: Finance for Fools?

Andrew Rudin discusses what is needed to evaluate the value of a corporate initiative -- and he gets it.  I shared some related thoughts.

Hey Social Media – It’s not all about You! 

I like the way Alasdair Munn think and this article is one of the reasons.  He sees the big picture.

HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI

Despite the title, Christina Warren's article focuses mostly on metric tools rather than how to, you know, actually determine social media valuation.  I made comments salient to valuation.  

If you want to know an actual methodology to determine the value of social business initiatives (including social media) , then check out my webinar How To Determine Social Media and SCRM Value and ROI.

Social Media ROI for Small Businesses

Christina wrote an abbreviated version of her above Mashable article.  My comment here was a mirror of the one I posted in the article above.