VOTE YES - 5 Steps to Humanize A Brand & Get Social Media ROI

The social business model is fundamentally changing the business landscape because it supports how real people relate and do business with each other.

Social companies understand that a certain amount of process is necessary to remain effective and efficient. However, these companies also know success in a social media world means going beyond adding a human touch to business. It means being human. 

The social customer wants their questions answered and their problems solved. They want to have confidence in their buying decisions. And they don’t want to worry about your processes, departmental siloes or other activities they view as impediments to getting what they need.

How then, does a company learn how to implement social business strategies that get results?

A great way is to attend the 2012 South By Southwest conference. You can hear me and my buddies Natalie Petouhoff, Blake Landau, and Marsha Collier talk about 5 Steps to Humanize A Brand & Get Social Media ROI

But you have to vote for us so we score a speaking session.

In this panel, we’ll answer these questions:

  1. Who should cultivate the relationship with the social customer.
  2. How to set-up a social media strategy that benefits all departments.
  3. How social media customer-focused strategies drive down costs & increase revenues.
  4. How to calculate the ROI of customer-focused social media strategies.
  5. How to use the information in this panel to get the attention of your executives to get a YES! to your proposal!

Now, here’s the thing. We really want to talk about this with you and the other folks at the 2012 SXSW – so we need you to vote for our panel discussion.

Vote yes for 5 Steps to Humanize A Brand & Get Social Media ROI.