Simplifying Social Business - eBooks & Roundtables

This week and next are going to be exciting in the Kathyverse. In conjunction with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, I’m launching the Simplifying Social Business ebook series on Kindle and Nook.

In addition, starting next week, Natalie and I will host on ongoing weekly Focus roundtable series on the same topics.

Woo hoo!

In the eBooks, as well as the weekly Focus roundtables, Dr. Natalie and I discuss what business leaders need to know to successfully implement holistic social strategies. We’ll arm folks to effectively break down siloes to engage, influence, collaborate, and create with customers, partners, and employees using the social business model.

You’ll gain tangible takeaways to help you:

  1. Build social strategies that will solve business problems in customer-facing departments like marketing, PR and customer service.
  2. Determine the ROI of your social initiatives for customer service, marketing and PR. (And just so you know, when we ROI we won’t dance in an ivory tower. Instead, we'll show you specific methods and formulations so you can construct an ROI for your own initiatives.)
  3. Evaluate your social media maturity so you can devise stronger strategies to improve your performance and business results.



The first eBook will be The Promise of Social CRM and will be quickly followed by The Business of Social Business.

Stay tuned for eBook information.


Focus Roundtables

Look for these each Wednesday at 11 am Pacific time / 2 pm Eastern time. Our first will be on The Promise of Social CRM.

Click here to learn more and register for the it.

Note:  The Twitter hashtag will be #SocBizSeries. Questions and comments are a welcome addition to propel the discussion!