Customer Centricity in a Social CRM World–Ebook now published!

The Simplifying Social Business ebook series just keeps rolling on. Customer Centricity in a Social CRM World, the 3rd book in the series, is now published on Kindle and Nook.

Social customer relationship management (Social CRM or SCRM) is one of the planks of the social business model and turns the focus to the customer, making them central to the business.

It goes beyond saying your customers are important, though. Companies with strong SCRM strategies build genuine and authentic relationships with customers by sharing two-way conversations with them.

A question begging an answer then is – What is “customer centricity” in a Social CRM world?

My answer goes against the conventional wisdom of some of today's thought leaders.

Crowd wisdom in social media circles says, in today’s world, the customer owns the relationship because of the power of social media to shape corporate agendas. There’s a problem with that sentiment though, because it creates an inequality in a relationship where one party holds more power than the other.

In reality, the social business model can only work if there is mutual benefit to customer and company -- and the way that will work best is through collaboration or partnership.

In Customer Centricity, I dive into the discussion, explaining what customer centricity really means, and how companies can gain full advantage with right-minded thinking about their customers.

Go to Kindle and Nook to get your copy of Customer Centricity in a Social CRM World.


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