Social Business Is A Paradigm Shift

As a business leader, should you care about incorporating social business into your company if a non-social model is making money and appeasing the Wall Street gods?

The answer is still “yes.”

Today’s customers expect companies to connect with them within their preferred channels -- and not yours. While some customers continue to prefer traditional business channels of phone and email, there is a groundswell demand for social connectivity.

What’s also important to understand is the social business model creates a collaborative bridge between a company and its customers. It’s the bridge that creates a paradigm shift because it puts more power into the hands of customers.

Despite the view of some, though, the social model doesn’t mean your company loses control over its destiny. Instead, it means you can leverage valuable insights gained from customers, partners, and other interested parties to do your business better.


Simplifying Social Business

This topic is the sort of thing I'm writing and speaking about in my Simplifying Social Business series. Eooks are offered as eBooks on Kindle and Nook. Dr. Natalie and I are also hosting a 10-week series on Focus.